Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of the Church

In 2018 Pope Francis decreed that the ancient devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title of Mother of the Church, be inserted into the Roman Calendar. The liturgical celebration, B. Mariæ Virginis, Ecclesiæ Matris, is celebrated annually as a Memorial on the day after Pentecost. In the decree, it was noted that the Pope’s decision took account of the tradition surrounding the devotion to Mary as Mother of the Church. The Pope also noted his desire to promote this devotion in order to “encourage the growth of the maternal sense of the Church in the pastors, religious and faithful, as well as a growth of genuine Marian piety”. Importantly, this feast specifically commemorates Mary’s motherhood of the Church rather than her motherhood of God, a feast celebrated on January 1. Continue reading

Holy Trinity Sunday

This coming Sunday is Holy Trinity Sunday. If you have been following the Gospel readings from weekday Masses, you will find that this Sunday gospel is very much in continuity with those readings. They come from the Farewell Discourse within the Gospel of John. A synopsis of the discourse can be understood as: the warning of Jesus’ coming death, that He is going away to a place they know and where the Father has a room prepared for them, not to worry, the Holy Spirit will come to enlighten their minds, enflame their hearts and remind them of all they have been taught.  On Pentecost Sunday, just a week ago, that promise was fulfilled with the coming of the Holy Spirit. Before fully entering “Ordinary Time” in the liturgical year, we shift gears to celebrate Holy Trinity Sunday followed by Corpus Christi. Continue reading