The Carina Nebula

The Carina Nebula.Credit…NASA

This is what a stellar nursery looks like. The “cliffs” in the image are 7 light years tall, just in case you wanted to know. You read more about this image at  Below is an embedded image from gettyimages. The cost for the image is $150-$750 (other than non-commercial embedded image).  Given that the original is Public Domain, I am wondering on what basis they are able to license it?   Did they enhance the image in a way that allows them to commercially benefit from the image? Copyright laws makes sense in most cases, but (to my mind), not so much here. This picture ran in lots of online news sources. Did they license the gettyimage? I know that several national publications also claimed copyright protection on the image – seemingly with themselves has the holder of the license.

Somewhat as a consolation, Getty does provide for the ability to embed images in non-commercial site such as this and does so without cost.

Embed from Getty Images

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