A glimpse

Today is the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord. It is a feast we celebrate every August 6thbut it is also a reading we hear every 2nd Sunday of Lent. In the gospel on those days, both Matthew and Mark starkly report: “And he was transfigured (metamorphōthē) before them.” The underlying Greek word means to “transform, change completely.” Luke uses the more mundane heteron (change) and limits the description to his face. All the accounts agree that the clothing became a brilliant white; Luke using the word that sometimes describes the white flash of lightning. Continue reading

Debut of the World Wide Web

On this day in 1991 the World Wide Web (www) made its public debut. Not to be confused with the Internet that has been developing since the 1960s or with the “birthday” of www, but when the underlying technology and software was made available outside of CERN* where it was proposed and quickly developed with a goal of being a document management system for CERN researchers.  It became much more. For those old enough to remember here are some early web essentials: Mosaic, Netscape Navigator, Java and the used-to-be dominant Internet Explorer from Microsoft

CERN – a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world – located in Switzerland.

A Reflection on Christian Leadership

This coming weekend is the 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time. In yesterday’s post we considered the steward who is neither faithful or prudent – and the associated culpability for failing to do the right. The disciples of Jesus are to be ready to open to the Master “immediately when he comes.” The answer to Peter’s question (v. 41) directs the discourse toward the Christian leaders especially. Continue reading