Active Waiting

This morning’s homily was posted earlier today…. but it was different than the one I actually gave at the morning Masses. That sometimes happens. A shorten version of what I gave can found here. But I also offer you the insight of Rev. Jim Harnish, the now retired pastor of Hyde Park United Methodist in Tampa. I offer the text of his thoughts below. You can find his blog here. His post today is titled: A Time for Active Waiting Continue reading

You have to be ready

In our first reading, the Prophet Isaiah says that All nations shall stream toward it. Of course he is speaking about a day in the future when the light of salvation will shine from the highest mountain. If you grew up in Orlando, you could be forgiven for thinking Isaiah was referring to Space Mountain at Disney World. Based on all measures of tourism, people indeed stream toward that Magical Kingdom – that entertainment mecca that offers a respite from the imperfect, unredeemed world in which we live. Continue reading

The Season of Advent and Sacred Scriptures

At the start of Advent 2022 the Church begins a new liturgical year. This entails a shift from the Gospel of Luke being the primary source of our Sunday gospels (in Cycle C) to our primary source being the Gospel of Matthew (Cycle A; the Gospel of Mark for Cycle B). You can find the upcoming Sunday readings of Advent, as follows:

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I have to admit that the first time I heard the word “onomatopoeia” I was fascinated. “What could it possibly mean?” Onomatopoeia means “the creation or use of words that imitate sounds.” English speakers have only used the word onomatopoeia since the 1500s, but people have been creating words inspired by the sounds heard around them for much longer. It may not surprise you to learn that fizz, jingle, toot, and pop are onomatopoeic in origin, but did you know the same is true of bounce, tinker, and blimp? Boom! Now you do.

Image Credit: PDPics on Pixabay
Merriam Webster: Word of the Day (Nov 28, 2022)