An extinction event

The title might suggest a post on an impending asteroid strike on the Earth leading to a global extinction event. Most extinction events are but the last gasp of a species, one populous and now no longer found. Perhaps extinction events are less global and more continental, as in, there are no more here, but on that other continent there are survivors. Such events take more than a lifetime, most often, but not always.

Do you remember K-Mart, home of the blue light special on aisle such and such? A year ago there were only six Kmart stores on the US mainland, and six more across Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands. Since then the store in Puerto Rico has closed and there are only three stores left in the mainland, one each in Florida, New Jersey and Long Island, New York.

Sears, once the retailing giant of my youth spins down to its own demise. It’s hard to know but there only seem to about 15 Sears stores remaining – not counting the Sears Hometown store brand. The stores are a fraction of the size of the full-line Sears and concentrate on selling appliances, tools and outdoor equipment. In 2019 there were 700 operating Sear Hometown stores. Now there are 100 left operating.

There is a story in East Africa about the big game hunter that would not listen to the advice of his Masai guide. The hunter was told not to stand in the line of the charging rhinoceros when he took the shot. The hunter thought that rather unsporting and believed the encounter should be mano-a-mano, or rather mano-a-rhino. When the rhino charged, the hunter made the perfect shot, entering the brain of charging rhino, killing the animal instantly. The problem is that is takes a while for the rest of the rhino to get the word. It’s a very large animal moving at very high speeds (for a rhino). There is lots of momentum. The hunter was trampled.

Perhaps Sears and K-Mart died long ago, they were just moving forward on momentum until the extinction even become inevitable and final.

Otherwise, I have no updates on impending asteroid strikes.

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