In case you were wondering…

From a scan of today’s news:

  • Manatee Country Florida has reported a pond containing nearly 400 goldline snakehead fish, an invasive species able to air breath for a period of time, transport itself over dry land, and aggressively hunt frogs.
  • A green comet is making a pass-by earth (no worries – 26 million mile away). Actually it is a return fly-by having last visited during the Neanderthal period. It is about a mile across with it “tail” extending several million miles. The green comes from the carbon cloud surrounding the nucleus of the comet.
  • Just detected days ago, Asteroid “2023BU” will pass within 2,200 miles of earth before passing on. It is about the size of a truck and was discovered by Gennadiy Borisov, an amateur astronomer from Crimea. In case you’d like to watch the fly-by. the Virtual Telescope Project broadcast the event on its website and YouTube channel.
  • At the local Publix store in Stafford VA, organic, free-ranging, etc. eggs were less expensive than most commercial eggs.
  • Lastly, at the center of things, scientists believe the the molten core of the earth seems to be ready to shift speed and/or perhaps relative rotational direction. This may sound like a setup for a world-wrecking, blockbuster movie. But fret not: Precisely nothing apocalyptic will result from this planetary spin cycle, which may have been happening for eons.

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