In case you were wondering…

From a scan of today’s news:

  • Manatee Country Florida has reported a pond containing nearly 400 goldline snakehead fish, an invasive species able to air breath for a period of time, transport itself over dry land, and aggressively hunt frogs.
  • A green comet is making a pass-by earth (no worries – 26 million mile away). Actually it is a return fly-by having last visited during the Neanderthal period. It is about a mile across with it “tail” extending several million miles. The green comes from the carbon cloud surrounding the nucleus of the comet.
  • Just detected days ago, Asteroid “2023BU” will pass within 2,200 miles of earth before passing on. It is about the size of a truck and was discovered by Gennadiy Borisov, an amateur astronomer from Crimea. In case you’d like to watch the fly-by. the Virtual Telescope Project broadcast the event on its website and YouTube channel.
  • At the local Publix store in Stafford VA, organic, free-ranging, etc. eggs were less expensive than most commercial eggs.
  • Lastly, at the center of things, scientists believe the the molten core of the earth seems to be ready to shift speed and/or perhaps relative rotational direction. This may sound like a setup for a world-wrecking, blockbuster movie. But fret not: Precisely nothing apocalyptic will result from this planetary spin cycle, which may have been happening for eons.

Relationship of The Two Stanzas of the Beatitudes

The people described in the first stanza are those who lack dikaiosynē. The people described in the second stanza are those dedicated to bringing dikaiosynē. Thus the people in the second part provide what the people are lacking in the first part. Ironically, by seeking to provide dikaiosynē, the virtuous may find themselves in the position of lacking dikaiosynē. With Jesus as an example: he proclaimed justice to those deprived of justice, and he became one who was unjustly executed. Continue reading