Into the Presence of God

The first reading today is taken from the Book of Leviticus and is paired with the memorable passage from Matthew 25. Leviticus is likely the least read book of the Old Testament. It is long and seems to be filled with all kinds of arcane information. The opening verse starts out with instructions on how to perform the ritual of burnt offerings while the people are still in the beginning of the wilderness trek of Exodus. Not the best “hook” to draw one into the book. Continue reading


This coming Sunday is the 2nd Sunday in Lent during Lectionary Cycle A. The Lenten readings have their own pattern. Regardless of the Cycle, the reading of the 1st Sunday in Lent is one of the Temptation in Desert accounts. The account of the Transfiguration is proclaimed on the 2nd Sunday of Lent, while the following three Sundays each reveal something about the covenant or salvific mission of Jesus. The sixth Sunday is always the Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday account. Continue reading

Who knew?

Part of my daily routine is to check the Word-of-the-Day from Merriam-Webster. I guess I have a reasonable vocabulary as most often I already know the meaning of the word, but the reason I check in daily is to read about the etymology of the word, Fascinating stuff. As you might expect lots of words come to us from Latin and became cognates in spoken English. Some came from Middle French and of course, especially here in the United States we adopt words from other languages when it seems beneficial to do so. Think “burrito”…., the food, …not the diminutive for burro. Continue reading