Holy Saturday

There are no Scripture passages that describe Holy Saturday. There are no accounts of disciples huddled in the Upper Room wondering how the life of Jesus came to an end on Calvary. There are no stories of what the disciples were thinking… or not thinking. Their world had been torn asunder. But were they hopeful? Were they well grounded in the meaning of the word “hope“? Are we?

1 thought on “Holy Saturday

  1. Since the writers of the Bible were men, they obviously wouldn’t write about spending Saturday getting their Easter outfits ready and buying and preparing the Easter ham and dinner. They didn’t even have cars to clean for Easter. So they had the time to reflect on the day’s events. But they are known to fall asleep at the most inopportune times so I would say they took naps so they could think clearly about funeral arrangements. They knew the tomb was temporary, on loan from Joseph of Ariimathea and they would be busy after the Sabbath. Add to that the fact that they could be rounded up for heresy at anytime they were in a tizzy. This is when life for them gets real.

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