Holidays you shouldn’t miss…

…or maybe it is totally fine to take a pass on some of the more quirky “holidays” out there. Here is a sample for this week:

  • August 1, Monday – National Mustard Day
  • August 2, Tuesday – National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
  • August 3, Wednesday – National Watermelon Day
  • August 4, Thursday – National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  • August 5, Friday – National Oyster Day
  • August 6, Saturday – National Root Beer Float Day

I am pretty sure there is no “National Holiday Board” that screen these things – and these are just some of the holidays proclaimed on the days above (I went with the food theme). Since there is no official screening agency, I hereby declare:

  • August 7, Sunday – National Friar Musings Day

….y’all have a good day!