Holidays you shouldn’t miss…

…or maybe it is totally fine to take a pass on some of the more quirky “holidays” out there. Here is a sample for this week:

  • August 1, Monday – National Mustard Day
  • August 2, Tuesday – National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
  • August 3, Wednesday – National Watermelon Day
  • August 4, Thursday – National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  • August 5, Friday – National Oyster Day
  • August 6, Saturday – National Root Beer Float Day

I am pretty sure there is no “National Holiday Board” that screen these things – and these are just some of the holidays proclaimed on the days above (I went with the food theme). Since there is no official screening agency, I hereby declare:

  • August 7, Sunday – National Friar Musings Day

….y’all have a good day!

4 thoughts on “Holidays you shouldn’t miss…

  1. While we are free and open to celebrate it any day we wish, National Mustard Day is actually the first Saturday of August. This year we celebrate it on August 6.
    I share because I care.

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