I heard a new expression today – probably several weeks old but new to me: “quarantine 15.” Similar to the freshman-15 when a college student enters a new rhythm of life and may develop habits of nutrition that do not serve overall well being. Here is these days of “safer-at-home,” we are facing new rhythms, spending more time at home and just might be discovering a whole new meaning for the word, “homebody.”

You may notice it creating some tension between you and your health goals. Mindlessly wandering into the kitchen, snacking on the couch, munching on something while working, or grabbing bites of your child’s leftovers can all add up over the course of the unknown timeline of the ‘Safer-at-Home’ recommendations. These snacking or overeating behaviors may be due to boredom, stress eating, loneliness, or just easy access. If you catch yourself falling victim to the “Quarantine-15” check out these Mindful Eating Tips from the healthcare experts at the Tampa General Hospital

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Advice on Isolation

I suspect that in the coming days more and more metropolitan areas and perhaps states will issue directives to stay at home. They are many monikers for this, but isolation will do. In the days ahead, lots of people will share experience, experts will offer advice, pop-up “experts” will hold forth with all manner of guidance, and I think we are on the cusp of a new cottage industry. The thought of 30 days isolation is daunting, no doubt. Continue reading