Making Changes?

Unless you happen to be like my muse, Calvin, in the comic strip, I suspect you are about to make some New Year’s resolutions. How did you do on last year’s resolutions? About the same as the rest of us? One ad hominem wisdom saying defines “insanity” this way: To keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Perhaps 2019 is a time to consider changing the way resolutions are considered, made, and hopefully, kept. Continue reading

Preparing the Way: repent

…the word of God came to John the son of Zechariah in the desert

Luke’s phrase in 3:2, “the word of God came,” is reminds us of Luke’s core and central focus on God. The phrase clearly identifies the source of divine inspiration behind John’s work but also puts us on notice that Luke’s emphasis on God as the story’s primary actor will be carried forward and enlarged. Other evidences of this most intrinsic element show up in this section—for example, the citation of Scripture by the narrator (3:4–6) who thus presents God’s own perspective on John’s ministry, by Jesus (4:4, 8, 12) who is engaged in a process of discerning the way of God, and by the devil (4:10–11) who tries to garner the authoritative voice of God for his own agenda of frustrating God’s purpose; the activity of the Holy Spirit, God’s empowering and guiding agent (3:16, 22; 4:1); the voice of God, heard by Jesus and Luke’s audience, breaking into the narrative in a way that echoes his voice to Israel in the past (3:22); the genealogy of Jesus (3:23–28), showing Jesus’ relation to Israel’s past, recalling significant aspects of the story of God’s interaction with his people, and testifying to the relation of Jesus to God as his Son; and above all the account of Jesus’ test in the wilderness (4:1–13), pitting the aim of God and the design of the devil against each other. Continue reading

A new plan

ChaosRepent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” – so cried out John the Baptist to those gathered in the desert of Judea. It is a scene we are all familiar with – but it doesn’t seem very much in the Christmas spirit. It is not in tune with the décor of the stores, malls, offices, and homes. It does not match the seasonal music available on radio, Pandora, or other streaming services. I can’t imagine receiving one of those talking Christmas card that would shout out “Repent!!” when it should play a pleasant and familiar holiday standard. Continue reading