Willing to hear

repent-n-believeOne of the things that challenge scripture scholars is where to put the punctuation. The Greek and Hebrew manuscripts don’t include such things. Consider a part of the first reading for Tuesday, March 3rd.

Though your sins be like scarlet,
they may become white as snow;
Though they be crimson red,
they may become white as wool.
If you are willing, and obey,
you shall eat the good things of the land (Is 1:18-19) Continue reading

What is at stake?

what-is-discipleshipSin, of whatever form, is not to be tolerated within the disciple community, but is to be dealt with when it is noticed. But what is at stake is winning over the brother or sisters. The pastoral purpose of the approach is underlined by the verb “win,” which shows that the concern is not mainly with the safety and/or reputation of the whole community but with the spiritual welfare of the individual. “Win” suggests that the person was in danger of being lost, and has now been regained; it reflects the preceding image of the shepherd’s delight in getting his sheep back (v.12). Continue reading