In his first public lecture as prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Archbishop Arthur Roche left no doubt as to the direction the congregation will take under his leadership. He did so by quoting Pope Francis’ words, referring to the reform of the liturgy approved by the Second Vatican Council: “We can affirm with certainty and with magisterial authority that the liturgical reform is irreversible.” He spoke not only as prefect of the Vatican congregation but also from 46 years experience as a priest, 20 as a bishop (10 as a diocesan bishop, almost 10 as secretary of the congregation) and as a Catholic who “straddled the pre- and post-Vatican II eras.” Continue reading

Documents from Rome

Several years ago I was putting together a series of posts that never went anywhere. It had more in common with an academic tome than blog post. Anyway… in cleaning up file on my hard drive, I ran across a document which might be of interest to folks…but then again, maybe not.  In any case, here it is: an abbreviated glossary of the most common types of documents issued by the Holy See, and terms associated with them. (I will be curious to see the “open” statistics on this one!) Continue reading

When the pope resigns…. did you know?

This is the current insignia/logo of the Vatican during the papacy of Benedict XVI. The symbolism shows the “keys of the kingdom” (Matthew 16:18) and the papal tiara indicating that there is a pope in office. But what happens at the sede vacante on Feb 28th when Pope Benedict resigns and the chair of Peter is vacant?

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