When the pope resigns…. did you know?

This is the current insignia/logo of the Vatican during the papacy of Benedict XVI. The symbolism shows the “keys of the kingdom” (Matthew 16:18) and the papal tiara indicating that there is a pope in office. But what happens at the sede vacante on Feb 28th when Pope Benedict resigns and the chair of Peter is vacant?

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We are only instruments in the Lord’s hand…

“There are times when the burden of need and our own limitations might tempt us to become discouraged. But precisely then we are helped by the knowledge that, in the end, we are only instruments in the Lord’s hands; and this knowledge frees us from the presumption of thinking that we alone are personally responsible for building a better world. In all humility we will do what we can, and in all humility we will entrust the rest to the Lord. It is God who governs the world, not we. We offer him our service only to the extent that we can, and for as long as he grants us the strength….”

–Pope Benedict XVI
Encyclical Letter Deus Caritas Est (35)
25 December 2006

Healthcare: A Tale of Two Worlds

….well at least two worlds. TIme Magazine published an article on the “bitter pill” that is healthcare cost. The worlds seem to be the well-insured, the insured, the under-insured, the I-thought-I-had-insurance-but-this-has-more-exceptions-than-coverage-insured, the under-65 with no insurance, and Medicare-insured. It is a long article but well worth the read. It is hard to read this article and not come away with the sense of how vulnerable we are in the time of medical emergencies.