I hope you were able to celebrate Ash Wednesday this year. If you blinked, it has already passed us by; it is quickly receding in the Lenten “rearview mirror.” If you blink again, it will be Holy Week and the “best of intentions” will have to wait for another year. So… what is your plan for Lent? And I ask about “your plan” because each of us are called to be intentional in our life of prayer and to create a place and space in our life to be in relationship with God. This is especially true in the Season of Lent. Now that Ash Wednesday has passed, what is your Lenten plan to make room in your life to be filled with God’s grace? How about a Lenten checklist to help you get started?

Plan on attending our Parish Lenten Mission starting Sunday evening, March 10. Want to know more? There is information in this bulletin, but also check out our mission webpage and watch John Angotti’s video inviting you to the mission.

Don’t forget about our parish subscription to FORMED. Need more ideas?

  • Set aside time every day for prayer and reflection with Daily Scriptures.
  • Want some online resources? Take a look at our Lenten Resources page. There are online videos (including one of my favorites from the good Redemptorist at Busted Halo). But there are also resources for adults as well as for families with children. The resources include Lent and Holy week.
  • Receive a daily Lenten reflection email from Bishop Robert Barron.
  • Join Dynamic Catholic for your Best Lent Ever and receive daily inspirational emails with short videos from Matthew Kelly and other Dynamic Catholic Team members.
  • Read and reflect on the book “Rediscover Jesus” – copies are available for free in the Gift and Book Store.
  • Generate your own list of spiritual readings. There is no shortage of good reads for your spiritual health and well-being. Take a look at . It has a great list of solidly Catholic books, novels, and spiritual readings. I hope to re-read Fr. James Martin’s book – “Jesus: A Pilgrimage.”
  • Join your fellow parishioners at our Lenten Simple Soup Suppers and Stations of the Cross Fridays at 6:30 p.m. in St. Francis Hall with Stations beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the church.
  • Join us on April 11 at 7 p.m. in the church for an evening of meditation and reflection centered on the “Women of Jerusalem. Through word, music, and meditation, we will look at Jesus’ journey to the Place of the Skull from the viewpoint of the women whose lives had been impacted by the words and actions of Jesus.
  • And absolutely mark your calendars to be part of Holy Week beginning with Holy Thursday’s Mass of the Lord’s Supper on April 18.

By no means is this the complete list of lists – but it’s a start. In the end, it is your spiritual life. Make it your plan!


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