To live in anger

I am not normally given to posting op-ed pieces from online sources. But there was an op-ed piece that caught my attention, more specifically, this:

….anger cannot be the sole fuel propelling us on life’s journey. We also need love, for without it, we are no better than those who fear us. To live with anger is to live powerless. That’s not to say the oppressed should never be angered by the actions of their oppressor. Only that anger can spark a movement, but it should not order its steps. Not if the goal of the movement is peace.

…not if the goal of the movement is peace…The article that follows is commenting on the recent spat of online commentary because Ellen DeGeneres sat next to former President George Bush at a football game – and it comes from the experience of someone who has experienced hatred because he is black and gay and has known directed anger.

But is also strikes me that he goes to the core of human experience and human experience in community. As a Catholic priest and confessor, in counseling or in the confessional, you cannot imagine how often the topic of anger arises and is the root of all the sin that follows; how corrosive and damaging it is.  There are lots of biblical passages on anger. I would offer you one to pray with:

Know this, my dear brothers: everyone should be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger. for the anger of a man does not accomplish the righteousness of God. (James 1:19-20)

And with that I leave you to LZ Granderson’s op-ed from CNN.

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