The Prophet Hosea

This week has been a week in which the first readings are from the Prophet Hosea. It seems to me that whenever the first reading is proclaimed the faithful are lost in a pool of unfamiliar names, a message that has been lifted out of its context, and all that makes it a little more challenging for the Word from the prophet to reach the people. So, this week I have been preaching the 1st reading and told folks that I would provide short introduction to the Prophet Hosea and his writings.

The introduction is borrowed, in part, from the USCCB website, various commentaries, and other sources. You can view a copy of the introduction here. You might also find a short Powerpoint presentation on the Kings of Israel to be a helpful grounding. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The Prophet Hosea

    • Hey Rich – hopefully the tropical storm off Hatteras is bring some relief and rain your way. Thanks – the prophets are such great books and they are sooooo immersed in geopolitics and national ambitions, that it can become too confusing. Just trying to bring some context. Next week Isaiah!

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