Shalom: Peace

The prophet Isaiah looked forward to the arrival of the Prince of Peace. His reign would lead to eternal shalom, righting all wrongs and healing all brokenness. Isaiah’s words are fulfilled with the arrival of Jesus. When Jesus is born, shalom is proclaimed. He is the King who brings peace and restoration to the broken fragments of our world. Shalom, or peace, is not only the absence of conflict but the presence of connection and completion. What do we all need in order to experience shalom?

Here is another video from the good folks at The Bible Project – one of their word study series. It deals with Shalom – a word we know as “peace” – but it is so much richer!  Enjoy.

The Bible Project is a non-for-profit organization that depends on our support. If you would like to support their efforts with a donation, you can reach them here.

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