Subsidiarity and Tech

The principle of subsidiarity is perhaps one of the most crucial and most misunderstood in Catholic social teaching. According to the principle of subsidiarity, decisions should be made at the lowest level possible and the highest level necessary. A little moral theology and then some practical tech application.

In Quadregesimo Anno, Pope Pius XI is concerned with the common good of society and in particular with both the growing power of the state and an increasing individualism (see paragraph 78). It should be noted that Pius is concerned that we will end up with a social order in which there are individuals and the state – with no intermediary communities, institutions or levels. The richness and diversity of human society is what Pius seeks to promote and protect. Thus he writes in paragraph 79:

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Shalom: Peace

The prophet Isaiah looked forward to the arrival of the Prince of Peace. His reign would lead to eternal shalom, righting all wrongs and healing all brokenness. Isaiah’s words are fulfilled with the arrival of Jesus. When Jesus is born, shalom is proclaimed. He is the King who brings peace and restoration to the broken fragments of our world. Shalom, or peace, is not only the absence of conflict but the presence of connection and completion. What do we all need in order to experience shalom? Continue reading