A moment of darkness

Someone contacted me (via email) last evening expressing their concern that my re-posting of Calumny (re-posted) was a bit over the top as it, in their mind, drew a comparison between the “stop the steal” movement and the unfolding of events in post-1918 Germany that lead to the fall of democracy. That was not my intent – it was a discussion of the teaching of the Catholic Church on the moral consequences of the sin of calumny. Those consequences are simply a matter of history with all the people of the world paying a horrific price. And today is another event of history in which people stormed the US Capitol Building.  It is an ominous sign of the effects of calumny in our time and place and its complete disregard for the truth. I believe it is but a moment of darkness, the will of the people will prevail, but we should never forget this moment.

In this moment, let us pray for peace, a peaceful transition of power – let us use words of prayer that uplift and heal.

3 thoughts on “A moment of darkness

  1. Your ability to convey topics of great significance is one of your strong suits, Father George. I trust your ability to discuss the particular issues at hand, always tied to the moral fiber of our faith. I am [and like a lot other folks], are grateful that you continue to be a light in the darkness to the truth. Always pointing us to what is important . . . to higher ground and being steadfast in our faith! Very grateful!

  2. Not over the top at all. I appreciate your thoughtful and thought provoking commentaries and the way you relate these to our responsibilities as Catholic Christians.

  3. Thank you for not shying away from current events. We do not need to agree with each other but we do need to respect each other. We do need to face the moral consequences of our actions for the immediate day and future days

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