Riches of the deep end

The first reading from the 5th Monday in Ordinary Time, Year B as well as the 5th Tuesday, cover the opening verses from the Book of Genesis. It is the account of the creation story. There are all manner of commentaries available that richly and in great detail describe and analyze the text and all its nuances. At one point in my life, I would dive into the “deep end of that pool” to soak it all in. And then turn to the folks in my Bible Study and start to share the discovered riches…and watch their eyes glaze over. Not because of the nature of the riches, but because of the narrator … me. Along the way I got better. I hope. At least the eyes were not noticeably glazed. But I think the masters of offering a mixture of the big picture and the detailed riches are the folks at the Bible Project.

So, I invite you to take about 8 minutes of your day and watch their video about the literary design of Genesis 1.  It will give you a deeper understanding of Genesis and probably lead you to want to dip your toes in the “deep end!”

As I always note, the Bible Project is an amazing not-for-profit group that I think worthy of our support for their great work of evangelization.

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