Paying attention

FISHERS-OF-MENWould that acquiring our funds for paying taxes were simply a matter of taking an afternoon off and going fishing. Wouldn’t that be nice! I think today’s gospel is one of those accounts which people hear, give the holy nod (Jesus did it, I believe, I don’t exactly get it, but God’s ways are above mine…) and move on. My experience is that people most often recall the “coin in the mouth of the fish” but are less clear about the discussion that preceded Jesus’ instructions to Peter. One should note that the Gospel never records the catch or the payment. Don’t get me wrong, if God can create the universe I have no doubt that placing a coin in a fish’s mouth is possible….but…  Just a few verses before Jesus tells the disciples that their faith can move mountains. Was that hyperbole or was there an expectation that mountains could be moved? Is the expectation that the coin would be found in the mouth of the fish? Continue reading

This coming Sunday…

Liturgy-hours…is an interesting occurrence. The Church will celebrated the Solemnity of the Assumption which happens to fall on a Sunday this year. It is celebrated instead of the normal 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time. Since the 17th Sunday we had been reading from Chapter 6 of the Gospel of John, whose central/key verses are part of the 20th Sunday gospel. And so that is why I posted a longer piece on those key verses that you can read here. But you might be asking, why does the Solemnity of the Assumption replace the 20th Sunday? Continue reading