Before the Storm

storms-at-seaIn today’s gospel we read about Jesus walking on the water in the midst of a tempest. The Sea of Galilee has a temperament of wind and storm that can turn on the unwary sailor. The seas and wind are building. Is this just the front of a more powerful trailing storm? It’s the dead of night and one can’t see the horizon. Maybe concern is giving way to apprehension and is arriving at the door of fear.  All of this and more makes me think about the passage and the role of the power of fear in this gospel and in our lives.  There is a lot to fear these days. Continue reading

Not losing anything

jesus-and-disciplesThis coming Sunday, the 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time, we continue with the Gospel of John, chapter 6, the Bread of Life Discourse. This is the third of five Sundays from this important Johannine Eucharistic discourse. The sequence of Sunday gospels does leave out verses 6:35-41. The text from the 18th Sunday centers around Jesus challenging the people’s motivation for coming to Jesus. He tells them they only came to see more signs, eat their fill, but not really “work” for the bread that is eternal. The people not only do not understand Jesus’ point, but become bogged down in “what do I have to do to get it” as though they could accomplish this on their own talents and perseverance.  Continue reading