A morning in September

The image above is the amazing pool where I am able to swim. I am there several days a week, most often at 5:00 am before the swim teams arrive. I also try to swim first thing Saturday mornings at 7:00 am. During this time of pandemic the facility (The Rouse Swim and Sports Center) has been sparsely used. But this morning, upon exiting the pool, the parking lot was filled to overflowing. There is more than the pool at the sports complexThere are at least nine soccer fields, some able to host mulitple youth soccer matches on the same field. When I exited the center, the parking lot, mostly empty at 7:00 am was teeming with life – kids in uniforms with gear backpacks, parents lugging camp chairs and coolers, coaches cajoling, and referees conferring and trying to figure out which games was on what field.

I drove back home on US-1 and all along the way there were more people out and about. At small communities along the 12 mile trek home there were groups of children/youth with their parents waving American flags and waving to we travelers – their way of remembering 20 years ago.

I am comforted by both images. Those too young to remember embracing a Saturday morning of games. Those too young to have memories, yet pausing to remember. We need to be committed to living the life we have been given even as we remember the journey to this day 20 years later.

When you live next to Marine Corp Base Quantico and serve at Quantico National Cemetery, one is ever reminded of the price paid and debt owed – even as we move ahead in this life.


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