A new feast day?

BradyToday is September 23, 2021. It was 20 years ago that Tom Brady became the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots – a job he has had ever since in an amazing career. I received an email this morning from a Tampa Bay Bucs fan who inquired about my position on the possibility of establishing a feast day celebration or at least an optional memorial given the day is otherwise unoccupied by any other special commemoration.

Such things are not up to me…. although I did want to inquire whether this person had set up a home shrine to the GOAT.

The basis of the question was one of miracles. The premise being that it was a miracle that Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl and if they can repeat, would that qualify as the necessary second miracle. Of course that premise might well stand in the shadow of a greater miracle: the Bucs won the 2002 Super Bowl. After years of abysmal records that were so bad that in the history of the team it has lost almost twice as many games as they have won, the were on a role for a couple of years before 2002. Perhaps a slow motion miracle only fully revealed in the “Pirate” Super Bowl vs. the Raiders.

I will offer that it was a Biblical moment. After years of struggling in the fields for the great harvest, Tony Dungee was let go as the Bucs traded for Jon Gruden. Yes, traded. Al Davis, the Raiders owner, traded Gruden for four draft choices. But I digress.

As I mentioned, such things are not up to me. But my short answer to the question was, “Yeah….I don’t think so… actually… No.”  That being said, “Go Bucs!”


5 thoughts on “A new feast day?

  1. My mother loved sports and I get it from her. I have been a huge fan of football since the Ice Bowl in 1967 (Packers v. Cowboys). A beautiful memory of my Mother!

    To Tom: When I heard that he was coming here to Tampa, I said “You’re kidding! Tom Brady is coming here.” I couldn’t believe it. He sure is a fantastic QB. I thought that when he was in New England. I wondered if he would be successful with our Bucs.

    It seems like all the Bucs have a little different swagger since he arrived — go Offensive Line keep him safe!

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