50 years ago; for 50 years

Lots of social media posts, tweets, emails, and the like, today, are announcing the Walt Disney World outside of Orlando – today turns 50 years old. I grew up in Orlando and was in my second year of college when the doors opened to “where dreams come true” and of course Christmas vacation included a trip to the theme park. It was amazing, sparkly new, and a lot of fun. As you might imagine the Central Florida papers prepared articles for a walk down memory lane – some are engaging, some just rehashing old news, some written in a way that make me feel old… of course, I was in college 50 years ago…. so they aren’t wrong!

But there was an article in the Tampa Bay Times that I thought we really interesting. There are three employees who were there for opening day and these 50 years later still work at Walt Disney World:


Walt Disney World employees from left, Chuck Milam, Earliene Anderson and Forrest Bahruth gather at the Magic Kingdom in August to celebrate their 50 years working at the park. [ JOHN RAOUX | AP ]

You can read the article here.  Congrats to them all!

Feature image: WDW News Today, October 1

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