All are welcomed

We continue with our consideration of the Letter of James that comprises our first readings this week. In today’s reading the community is being reminded (perhaps admonished) that the meaning of “all are welcomed” is to not make distinctions between the poor and rich members of the community. I am sure that dynamic remains a part of parish life to some degree large or small. But the problem of “partiality” that is more prevalent in our times is welcoming the stranger, the visitor, the person not known to us that joins us in Sunday worship. Continue reading

Are you kind?

My Franciscan brother, Casey Cole OFM, has a great video (actually, lots of great content) on his YouTube channel that takes a look at second part of the great commandment about love. It begins with a TikTok video in which a very cute little girl, on camera, is asked by her mom if the little girl thinks of herself as smart (Yes!), strong (Yea!), brave (Yea!), pretty (Yea!), kind….. and then the little girl pause, looks away, and responds, “Not really.” The moment is unexpected, honest, and a challenge to us all. Take a pause this morning and watch Fr. Casey’s video. Better yet subscribe to his YouTube channel!