Middle Aged Milestones

There are many “milestones” that mark the passage from “young” to middle-aged. I’m too old to remember them all having given up the notion that I am still in either category. But Joey Knight, a sports writer for the Tampa Bay Times, notes that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team has a double marker of middle aged:

  • They are about to start their 47th preseason training camp, and with
  • a 45-year old starting quarterback

In speculating on the possible fortunes of the Bucs in the coming season, Knight writes: “We cite Rocky Balboa here: Time is undefeated. Brady can continue with his revolutionary training methods, meticulous diet and general defiance of the natural order. At some point, he’s going to regress. Will it be this season? So far, there is zero evidence of that. He’s coming off one of his most prolific seasons ever (5,316 passing yards, 43 touchdowns) and was spinning the ball as crisply as ever during the recent mandatory minicamp. But no one — not even the NFL’s resident freak of nature — lasts forever.”

Well… not in this life. But we are all in the “preseason training camp” of this life, preparing for the life to come! Amen!

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