Making a fuss

If you read this blog often enough you know that I am always interested in words, especially their etymological origins. But sometimes words are just fun and have fun “cousins” – the far less technical term for synonyms.  The “Word of the Day” from Merriam Webster on this day is one of those “fun family” of words, beginning with “brouhaha” meaning “a noisy confusion of sound” or “state of commotion.”  And now for the cousins: uproar, hubbub, williwaw, hullabaloo, bobbery, and kerfuffle. Some are more fun than others to use in a sentence. And there is no need to make a foofaraw about which might be more fun.

St. Mary: another look

Today is the feast of St. Martha, a woman who listened to what Jesus said to her and corrected herself. We know St. Martha as the distracted host who complained to Jesus that no one was helping her. We met Martha just recently when she and Mary, Lazarus’ sisters, had Jesus over to dinner. Mary sat at the feet of the Lord listening to him speak, while Martha did all the work. She couldn’t help but be annoyed, and she couldn’t stop herself from complaining about it. “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to do the serving?” she asks. “Tell her to help me.” Jesus’ reply is famous: “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things. … Mary has chosen the better part.” Continue reading