Yesterday’s news carried an article about the effect of current news on our mental health. The article offered advise on how to deal with the seemingly never-ending parade of news that takes its toll on our psyche. 40% of respondents in a poll admitted that apart from Ukraine and other stories, the constant barrage of political turmoil negatively affects their well being, physically and spiritually. There are just reports that make one question “common sense” and initiate a roll of the eyes.  But then as the saying goes: Good common sense. Most common sense isn’t good and good sense isn’t common.It was reported that a US District Court judge is allowing a case to go forward in which two people are claiming they were harmed because they were lured into watching a film in which an actress was featured in the advanced trailers for the movie but in the final cut, that actress’ role was not used. The movie was “Yesterday”; the actress, Ana de Armas.

Those bringing the suit assert that they were harmed when they paid $3.99 to Amazon to watch the movie only to discover their favorite actress was no in the film. They are suing for $5 million dollars.  Really? Really?

I am sure someone actually qualified to comment on the legal principles involved might offer a more insightful analysis of why this case has merit. In advance of any reasonable argument, I will agree that compensation of $3.99 and perhaps 2 hours of paid remuneration (with options for the cost of snacks, etc.) might be in order. I am thinking that will not rise to the level of $5 million. In the meantime, one has to wonder (a) how much money is being spent in pursuit of this case, (b) what case with actual merit will be delayed, (c) is this essentially “greenmail” and (d) did the claimants enjoy the movie.

I enjoyed the movie and if you have not seen it, like Beatles music, then I wholeheartedly  recommend the film.  A quick check shows that it is available on Amazon for $3.99. Really.

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