Winter Weather Ahead…

Most places in the United State are facing a rough patch of weather leading up to Christmas. Here in Northern Virginia tomorrow (Thursday 12/22) will bring rain and a plunging of the temperatures from the 40s into the low teens. Christmas Day will be sunny!…with a high of 29 degrees. In case you wondering the Christmas Day forecast for Honolulu is a high of 82 degrees and mostly sunny. Los Angeles will be mostly sunny with a high of 79 degrees. Partly sunny and 74 in San Diego. Phoenix will be sunny and 70 degrees. Orlando/Disney World…. yeah, bring mittens, hat and jacket. Wherever you are or what ever destination is in your plans, have a safe, warm, and Merry Christmas.

Singing Angels?

Stores, offices, and all kinds of places are filled with the sound of familiar and heartening Christmas carols. Some local radio stations are all Christmas music all the time with classic and modern renditions of the secular and religious carols and songs – sometimes recorded by singing chipmunks. It becomes part of the ambiance of our Advent season; part of what readies us for the celebration of Christmas. Continue reading