Love and Keeping Commandments

This coming Sunday is the 6th Sunday of Easter in Lectionary Cycle A.  Jesus’ discourse (at this point) begins to move in a new direction by focusing on the ways in which belief  “into Jesus” (v.1) empowers the believing community (v.12 ff).  Jesus has emphasized that the works he does are not his own but are the Father’s; now Jesus begins to emphasize the link between his works and that of the believing community. Our gospel text describes two dimensions of the believer’s relationship with Jesus: (1) the inseparability of one’s love of Jesus and the keeping of his commandments (vv.15, 21, 23-24) and (2) the abiding and indwelling of the presence of God, even after Jesus’ death and departure with those who love him (vv.16-20, 22-23). Continue reading