Evangelization Masterclass

The account of St. Paul’s address on the Areopagus in Athens is a masterclass in the evangelization of the culture – a skill surely important for our day and age. His arrival in Athens is, in its way, the introduction of Christianity to Europe. It was an event, while of no particular note or importance to historians, thoughts leaders, or philosophers of the day, was one that shaped the history of Western Europe and eventually the world. Continue reading

The trail we leave behind

There are a lot of things we leave behind as we pass through this life. Sometimes we are intentional, sometimes not. We mature, grow up, leave home and leave behind a whole host of things that marked our passage through childhood, the teenage years, and as a young adult. Those are the intentional things. The list of unintentional things is no doubt as long. Did you know you were leaving behind a trail of your DNA? Continue reading

The Eleven

This coming Sunday is the Solemnity of the Ascension. Jesus was from Galilee and since the beginning of his public ministry had moved from the northernmost reaches of Israel to its center in Jerusalem – the locus of the confrontation and rejection by the leaders of Israel. But now the “Galilean” has triumphed against all odds and in a manner none had foreseen. The preparation of the “twelve” was not lost in their abandoning Jesus at the Passion. They are now restored to their positions of trust and responsibility and given final instructions for fulfilling the mission to which they had already been called (cf.  10:1-15) – but the scope is now far wider than Israel and included all the nations: “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19) Continue reading