I can be replaced

There are lots of things that are fascinating. Consider the first reading.

In Acts 25:13-21, we find a fascinating account of the apostle Paul’s trial before King Agrippa and Festus, the Roman governor. This passage offers insights into the complexities of the political and religious dynamics at play during that time.

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Receive the Holy Spirit

This coming Sunday is Pentecost with the gospel reading taken from the Gospel of John. John 20:21–22 form a key passage in Johannine theology. The disciples receive the Holy Spirit at this second coming of Jesus: the eschaton, the final era, is now; future is present. In 7:39, the Spirit had not yet been given, since Jesus was not yet glorified. On the cross, Jesus, manifesting the nature of God, which is love, delivers over the Spirit (19:30), symbolized immediately afterward by the flow of the sacramental symbols of blood and water. And now, at his first encounter with the believing community, he breathes the Spirit again as he celebrates the re-creation of God’s people. Continue reading