What lays ahead?

Today, January 6th is the traditional day for the celebration of the Epiphany. It is a word taken from the Greek epiphaneia meaning “manifestation, striking appearance; from epiphanes meaning “manifest, conspicuous,” and from epiphainein “to manifest, display, show off; come suddenly into view.” In a post earlier today, I asked “What is revealed this day.” It was a small reflection, but what came to mind when I thought about all that the Epiphany might reveal.

January 6th a year ago today was an epiphany of another sort. Continue reading

Pentecost Sunday

ImageThe description of the first Pentecost in the Acts of the Apostles tells us that when devout Jews from many different nations heard the Spirit-inspired proclamation of the gospel by the disciples, “each one heard them speaking in his own language.” The outpouring of the Spirit of God united this very diverse group of people in a powerful moment of God’s self-revelation.  Such is the power of Spirit. Continue reading

…what is being taught

Chatting today with a parish staff member today, she was reminded of an older conversation when the diocesan faith formation director said that we always need to be conscious of what is being taught by our words and actions.  With that intro, I leave you to this NY Times article:  TBN Fight Offers Glimpse Inside Lavish TV Ministry – NYTimes.com.

As a Franciscan, one is reminded of the words often associated with St. Francis of Assisi:  preach the Gospel at all times, use words if necessary.  My religious formation must have been lacking, I am not familiar with the TBN gospel.