Tamp InterstatesThere are a couple of “feeds” that come across my computer, email, mobile, etc. Some are more interesting than others. Some I read “religiously” others I will take a peek if the title is interesting. Some are topically interesting all by themselves. It is an eclectic sets of “feeds.” One came across this morning that my niece Julie would be interested in. She graduated from Georgia Tech in urban planning and did Master’s level work at UNC Chapel Hill. She has continued her career and works out west in urban traffic planning. So, because it is off interest to my niece and my own lifetime experience of interstates/freeways/etc., when “Freeways Without a Future” appeared, it made it onto my must read list.

The group “Congress for New Urbanism” publishes a somewhat annual report on some intercity freeways that are coming to end-of-life design. So they suggest it is time to rethink what’s next for that inner city real estate footprint.  In the 2021 report, Interstate 275, a staple of life in Tampa, makes the report. The picture above is the I-75 and I-4 interchange. All I can tell you is that the picture was not taken any where around rush hour! Here are the other cities in this year’s report:

  • Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, New York, New York
  • Claiborne Expressway (I-10), New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Inner Loop North, Rochester, New York
  • I-244, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • I-275, Tampa, Florida
  • I-345, Dallas, Texas
  • I-35, Austin, Texas
  • I-35, Duluth, Minnesota
  • I-5, Seattle, Washington
  • I-81, Syracuse, New York
  • I-980, Oakland, California
  • Kensington Expressway, Buffalo, New York
  • North Loop (I-35/70), Kansas City, Missouri
  • Scajaquada Expressways, Buffalo, New York
  • The Great Highway, San Francisco, California

It was an interesting read. The Tampa review is idealistic, hopeful, but not too sure if possible – although there is no one who commutes on I-275 would argue that what exists is maddening.


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