God and the Scientist

god-and-scientistAt a recent inter-disciplinary meeting of scientists,  after the days’ meetings a group of men and women got together at the convention center bar. Encouraged by their own inquisitive minds and a drink or two, they came to the conclusion that humanity had come a long way and were at a point where humanity no longer needed God. So, they deputized one of the scientists to let God know.

After a search, the scientist encountered God and entered into dialogue with Him. He thanked God for all that He had done for Creation and humanity, but offered that perhaps humanity had reached a point where God was no longer needed. The scientist said, “God, we’ve decided that your services are no longer required. We’re to the point where we can clone people, manipulate atomic structures, create new molecules, extend life, travel between planets, and do many other things that were once thought of as miraculous.   So…thank you so much for your service, but it’s time for you to retire, don’t you think?

God had listened very patiently and kindly to the man.  After the scientist was done talking, God said, “I am surprised that, as a scientist, that you would offer what amounts to a hypothesis at best – and one for which there has been no preliminary testing to move it along to the theory stage, much less a demonstration of proof. Very unscientific, don’t you think?

The scientist agreed that God indeed has a point and asked if God had something in mind. God replied, “Actually I do. I think we should go back, almost to the beginning, when humanity was created and start our testing there – in fact, let’s create a human from the most basic of elements available at the start of life on Earth. Let’s start with a handful of dirt.”

The scientist replied, “That is an excellent idea. We know we can create life in a test tube… we just need some basic elements to get started…” And at the same time reached down to scoop up some earthen materials.

God replied, “Uh….sorry, but I created that… you’ll have to create your own…. And please don’t use any other elements that I created.  That seems fair, don’t you think?”

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