Intentional Rejoicing

The prophet Zephaniah exhorts us to “Sing joyfully, be glad and exult” with all of our hearts. He writes in the context of the worst kind of spiritual and political corruption by the very leaders who are supposed to care for the poor and the oppressed of Judah. Isaiah writes in the midst of suffering, as the people experience the devastation of the Babylonian exile.  Paul is writing from prison. But each in their own way tells us to rejoice. Why? Zephaniah says it best: God “… will rejoice over you with gladness…he will sing joyfully because of you.” (Zep 3:17-18).  Because of you. Because of me. Wow! The source, the overflowing fountain of joy pouring into the world. The words of the second reading are the hallmark of Guadete Sunday: “Rejoice in the Lord always. I say again: rejoice.A call for a universal chorus of joy. Continue reading

Agnus Day’s on 3rd Advent

Today is the 3rd Sunday in Advent in Year C of the Lectionary cycle. Following upon John the Baptist’s stern warning of the coming day of judgement, people cry out “Teacher, what should be do?” (Luke 3:12). There are lots of commentaries on this passage, but here on Guadete Sunday, let me offer a bit of “joy” from the folks at Agnus Day and their perspective.