Preach or Woe

Today is the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, the great Jesuit missionary of India and lands of the East. Back in 2013, I was driving back to the parish and heard on the radio that we had elected a new pope, a Jesuit who had taken the name Pope Francis. I just assumed it was in recognition of Francis Xavier, such was the saint’s statue and esteemed life among the Jesuit Order. It was beyond surprising to learn it was St. Francis of Assisi. Either one would have been a great and inspiring choice. Continue reading

kosmos and oikoumene

This coming Sunday is the Second Sunday of Advent in lectionary cycle C, the year when the Gospel of Luke is the primary source of our gospels. Today we continue to look at details of the narrative. In this final post, we look at the verses as Luke’s message pivots from the call of repentance to Israel, to a call of universal salvation for all people. Continue reading