On the edge of left behind

There is a lot going on today, December 7th 2021. The nation remembers Pearl Harbor, the church remembers St. Ambrose, and the Season of Advent continues. As I noted yesterday, since the beginning of Advent this year we have heard from the Prophet Isaiah. The verses have all been brimming with Hope. Today is no exception. I noted that in all times, especially so in troubling times, there are some among us who lead with Hope. Some among us have retreated into different kinds of shells, keeping the world at bay, keeping Hope at a distance. Continue reading

Pearl Harbor

Today is December 7th and we remember the opening salvo of this country’s participation in the grim reality of war: the attack on Pearl Harbor. Even though Pearl Harbor was before I was born, it lies in my memory and consciousness writ large. Even before my service in the US Navy and my duty station in Pearl Harbor, I knew the story of that fateful Sunday morning in 1941. There are plenty of accounts, histories, analysis, and more about the event and all that came before and after. It is said that history is written by the victors. Perhaps no longer true as there are now many perspectives. But what remains constant is that history is lived in the lives of regular people. Continue reading

Evidence and Heritage

This coming Sunday is the 3rd Sunday of Advent in Year C of the lectionary cycle. The gospel for the coming Sunday again returns to John the Baptist in Judean wilderness, proclaiming a baptism of repentance. John is filling the role that was the king’s duty: call people back to Covenant with God. He preaches repentance, turning away from sin and turning towards God, and symbolically washes them clean in the waters of the Jordan. Continue reading