The Strange Attractor

We all have past lives and stories, experiences, and moments that mark those lives. One thing that might emerge from that milieu is a life-long curiosity about a certain topic. One such enduring curiosity for me is mathematical chaos. I keep coming back to the idea. It certainly shows up enough in posts – for example, “Your phone and chaos.” There are others. If you are curious too, use the “search box” on this blog to explore. Continue reading

God’s Design

This coming Sunday is the Second Sunday of Advent in lectionary cycle C, the year when the Gospel of Luke is the primary source of our gospels. In the two previous posts we covered the historical and scriptural context of our gospel reading. Today we begin to look at details and how they help create Luke’s overarching theme: preparing the way. As Luke promised his patron Theophilus, the gospel will be an orderly presentation (Luke 1:3) – and so he begins with  history. Continue reading