Ever present

This week we have been reading from John 8 – it has been a week of tough conversations that followed Jesus’ basic statement: “I am the light of the world.” (John 8:12). And the Pharisees then and us now are challenged to discern what we see by that light. This part of John’s gospel is part of the Book of Signs, the seven miraculous signs that people could see and come to believe Continue reading

The King

This coming Sunday is the sixth Sunday in the Lenten season called Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion. The kingship motif that is implicit in the details of the processional entrance to this point becomes explicit in the praise of the multitude: “Blessed is the king….”  The verse is drawn from one of the Hallel psalms (Ps 118:26), which was used to welcome pilgrims coming to Jerusalem for the pilgrimage festivals. Luke, however, has added both the royal title “the king” and the last couplet. The use of the title contributes to the kingship motif developed by the acclamation of Jesus as the “Son of David” in Jericho (18:38–39), the parable of the greedy and vengeful king (19:11–27), and by the overtones of the entrance procession. The last couplet echoes the words of the heavenly host at Jesus’ birth (2:14). Now, Jesus is hailed as the bringer of “peace in heaven” and “glory in the highest heaven.” Jesus’ reign as king will bring shalom on the earth and glory to God. Continue reading