Teaching at the table

Who of us has not been part of a trivial argument in the middle of what is supposed to be a festive gathering of family and friends? A trivial moment that absorbs the energy from the group, refocuses everything from the “forest to the trees?” Only later did we discern what an amazing moment was in the making, something important at hand, a memory for a lifetime, and we frittered it away. Welcome to the Last Supper. Continue reading

Holy Rus

Our world has a long history of secular power attempting to co-op religion, religion seeking to become the central secular authority, and most permutations and combinations in between. It rarely goes well in the long run. But in the short run it can be a rallying cry for whatever cause needs such support. Such is the promotion of “Holy Rus.” Continue reading

The Passover Meal

The account of Jesus’ last supper is an important and key narrative in the Christian community. It provides the foundation of our Eucharistic celebration, a poignant theology of the Messiah’s death, and more. In our Catholic tradition, Jesus’ words convey the sacramental understanding of Real Presence of Christ in our celebrations. These ten short verses contain more than a simple commentary can provide. Continue reading