Kept from the best

In today’s gospel we listen into the ongoing conversation of Jesus with the Pharisees. In yesterday’s reflection I asked, “what will you see?” Today we see part of the answer on the part of Pharisees. And buried in that reply is one small phrase that points to the fact that they heard and inferred clearly what Jesus was claiming: that he was God. They rejected that saying, “We have one Father, God.

It is often said that “the good” becomes the enemy when it keeps you from “the best.” Continue reading

The entrance procession

This coming Sunday is the sixth Sunday in the Lenten season called Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion. Each year we read a different gospel at the beginning of this Mass as we follow the Lectionary cycle. Mark, Matthew and Luke all have accounts – John too – and all are similar, none are identical. The differences are sometimes just that, differences, but sometimes there is a point the sacred author is making that is brought out in the differences. In the Lukan account we read: Continue reading

A day at my alma mater

I spent the day at the US Naval Academy with classmates who were dedicating chairs in Alumni Hall for those in their company (35th) who had passed away as well as those who are still with us. It was a touching and moving ceremony – and great to spend time with classmates.

A rainy day view from the Chapel towards Michelson and Chavenet Halls
US Naval Academy Chapel