A day at my alma mater

I spent the day at the US Naval Academy with classmates who were dedicating chairs in Alumni Hall for those in their company (35th) who had passed away as well as those who are still with us. It was a touching and moving ceremony – and great to spend time with classmates.

A rainy day view from the Chapel towards Michelson and Chavenet Halls
US Naval Academy Chapel

7 thoughts on “A day at my alma mater

  1. What Father George did not tell you is that his presence and kind words are what made the event a marvelous success.

    • I am so glad to hear that all of you had a wonderful day. Father George was our pastor at Sacred Heart, here in Tampa, for 13 years. He is an eloquent speaker for sure!

  2. Father George, thank you for sharing these two photographs. The grounds are beautiful. The chapel is stunning. I am glad you were able to “just chill” for a little while.

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