Long lines

A friend recently visited Disney World with her family. Back in the day the time before Thanksgiving and then after Thanksgiving used to be days when the crowds were relatively small – small, in a Disney World kind of way. I guess that is no longer true. My friend mentioned that the wait time in line for one of the attractions was well more than an hour. If you are interested in such things, here is a video about long lines at Disney World.No one likes long lines. How many of us have been dismayed at the grocery store check outline? There are limited cashiers available, all the lines extend out into the store and wind down one of the aisles, and it seems the person in front of you has set a world record for how many items they can place in their cart. And so we wait, patiently one hopes.

Raindrops on rose, whiskers on kittens might be nice, but lines, queues, or whatever they are called are not one of our favorite things.

No doubt each one has their own ideas and beliefs about recently enacted changes in voting regulations – mail in ballots, drop off boxes, early voting days, and a host of other details. My intent is not to weigh in on their merits or problems, but simply to note that the Georgia Senate run-off election places all the above under a compressed time line. In suburban Atlanta early voting precincts have been reporting waiting lines of 90-180 minutes at their peek. This is in part due to the compressed time schedule, the changes in voting regulations, and other factors.

I live in Virginia where the voting regulations allow me to permanently register for early voting by mail. That’s a good thing. Voting in important. As I grow older I am more conscious of how important it is. As I grow older patience is ever more a virtue for which I strive.

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