Witness and Watching

HomelessThere is folk wisdom which says never argue with a fool because a third person will not be able to tell the difference. Myself, I am partial to the wisdom from the West of Kenya which says, if you are bathing in the stream and someone steals your clothes don’t chase them. I had to think about that one at first – but in thinking about what the third person sees – it then became clear. Continue reading

Picking at the Scabs of Self-Hatred

I don’t often reblog things, but I thought this apropos on the Memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes

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Probably many of my readers have seen the classic 1943 film, “The Song of Bernadette”, but if you have not, I would like to recommend it to you – even if you are not Catholic.  The older I get, the more I “get” the film, and the more its meaning changes for me.  Oftentimes viewers are so caught up in the miraculous visions, or the pressures put on Bernadette to recant what she reported to have seen, that they forget Bernadette had a different life once the visions ended, and she left Lourdes forever.  And it is there, I think, that what might otherwise have been just a pious, respectable film takes on a bit of greatness, when it comes to examining the human condition.

The character of Sister Vauzous – played by the great English actress Gladys Cooper, who received a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the Oscars…

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Fulfilling the Law: Jesus, Law and Prophets

beatitudes1Commentary. The opening passage of this Gospel is controversial.  Is it a general statement of Jesus’ attitude to the Old Testament, especially in its legal provisions, designed to introduce the detailed examples of Jesus’ teaching in relation to the Old Testament law in vv. 21–48 and other points throughout the Gospel? Do Jesus’ words affirm the permanent validity of the details of the Old Testament law as regulations, or do they express more generally the God-given authority of the Old Testament without specifying just how it is applicable in the new situation introduced by the coming of Jesus? Continue reading