1 thought on “All things in common

  1. “Thank you! That puts me in good company with Apostles and disciples of Christ who were socialists and held all things in common.” – Maybe. On a smaller scale and with holy men at the helm (TRULY Holy men!), we could trust that system. But even in Acts, there were people that tried to get over on the System. Today, trying to do that with 300 million is almost impossible and the challenges are demonstrated globally with smaller numbers of people in “Socialist” states. My believe is that as a result of evil and sin, our Government – or any government – can’t be trusted to oversee the resources and determine what is “fair”. In my opinion, the best thing we can do to counteract whatever system is in place is to step up as Christians not only financially, but in giving our time to serve. Then again, maybe I am too cynical.

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